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We're glad you found us. We are professional educators, community outreach leaders, and trans activists.

Our goal is simple: to address problems in LGBTQI communities with humor and positivity. We feel that, too often, issues within these communities are presented in negative and dire ways, so we began leading workshops about topics such as leadership, sexuality, and gender using humor and candor. We focus on addressing these topics in positive and affirming ways.

We have presented our workshops in twelve states with the philosophy that disseminating critical education can still be fun. We've taken many opportunities to share the information that we've learned over the years as a means of giving back to our communities and creating positive change in the world. Although we got our start as sexual health educators, we have since covered all manner of queer topics and are constantly adding new workshops to our repertoires.

We believe that education should be a right, rather than a privilege, and that's why we volunteer most of our workshops free of charge. Our communities are too diverse for a cookie-cutter approach, so no two presentations are ever the same. Each workshop is unique and tailored specifically to the needs of your group, business, or organization. Please feel free to take a look around our site, and if you like what you see contact us to discuss services and availability. You can also catch us at any of our upcoming events or check out our resources.

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  • Health Education
  • Community Engagement
  • Activist Organizing

We believe that having accurate health information is vital to overall wellbeing, and we recognize that for many LGBTQI individuals this information can be difficult to find. We teach inclusive sexual health in a positive, respectful, and professional manner. Our workshops are interactive, informative, and can be tailored to specific identity groups or demographics.

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Being a part of an LGBTQI community means working to strengthen our communities. We provide trainings on creating safe spaces and promoting inclusion. We've worked with offices to provide safe zones for sexual and gender minority clients, with organizations to promote inclusion across a spectrum of identities, and with families to foster acceptance and positive relationships.

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Activism has traditionally been an important aspect of LGBTQI communities. We have leadership experience in a wide variety of activism, from sexual assault prevention to higher education access to queer organizing. We cover coalition building, acquiring funding and avoiding activist fatigue.

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