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Press Kit

Press Kit Download
Our press kit contains up to date information about the workshops we offer, the clients we serve and the places we've presented. Download this full press kit to check out who we are, how we got started, and what projects we're currently completing. If you like what you see, contact us, and we will give you a call to figure out how we can tailor our workshops or presentations specifically to the needs of your organization.

Workshop List Download
We offer a wide selection of workshops. Download this list of our basic workshops to see the topics we often cover. We know that a cookie-cutter approach does not work, so keep in mind that we tailor all of our workshops to the needs of your group. Contact us if you would like to discuss any of our workshop offerings. We frequently combine aspects of multiple workshops to meet the needs of our clients, so talk to us today about how we can best serve you.

2013 Analytics
Want to know what we were up to in 2013? Check out our analytics infographic to see where we presented, who we reached, how far we travelled and what we talked about.

In the News

TransWaves Podcast
Two of our members were featured in a podcast by the Trans Youth Equality Foundation.
"Having traveled from coast to coast as a couple educating doctors, nurses and teachers on transgender health and identity, Jackson and Kristopher Shultz have plenty of stories to share. Both FTMs and activists, Jackson and Kristopher each form one half of the safer-sex education duo, TEACH Alliance. But their expertise extends to more than just sex. Listen in as they share their coming out stories, talk about where gender and sexuality intersect, and much, much more."

Trans Justice Funding Project Directory
TEACH Alliance is listed in the Trans Justice Funding Project Directory. Note: we're listed by our former organization name, "Those Queers"
"We really wanted to help spread the news about all the amazing grassroots, local organizing for trans justice that is going on around the country. . . The following is a list of the groups that applied, matched our original criteria, and gave us the thumbs up to share their information. We hope that this list can help connect groups with each other and that it will inspire everyone to support the important work that is happening right now in their communities!"

Activism at Washington State University
Two of our members were featured in a 2010 article in the Daily Evergreen, the student newspaper of Washington State University.
"Students seek answers to pay for school: Once couple decided to take action against budget cuts and tuition hikes. . . Frustrated by student apathy and hoping to make WSU affordable for future students, Jackson and Kristopher Shultz, both senior women's studies majors, created in the Education Access Coalition in January in response to proposed tuition hikes."
Article by Anna Marum copyright of the Daily Evergreen.