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Listed below are additional resources that we have found to be useful, or that we reference or provide in some of our workshops. We are constantly updating and adding to this list, so check back often to see what is new!

Some links will take you to external sites. We wanted to ensure that we didn't recreate the proverbial wheel, so we have provided resources that we feel to be accurate and complete. When such resources were not available (or we could not find them) we created them ourselves.

If you find that any of these links do not work, please report them to us.

Introductory Resources
Resources for Beginners

Basic Vocabulary Related to Sexuality and Gender Identity / Expression
This is a very basic vocabulary list designed for people who have little or no exposure to topics related to sexuality, gender identity and/or gender expression. This list is NOT comprehensive, nor is any given definition comprehensive. The definitions listed here are contestable, ever changing, and may not speak to the experiences or identities of many. This handout is supplemental to other trainings or workshops.

You may also download this document in large print.

Let Your Gender Flag Fly Freely

You don't have to be transgender to benefit from the trans rights and gender liberation movements. Learn how gender, sex, and sexuality affect each of us and how, together, we can create change that aids everyone.

This is a great resource for introducing the concepts of gender and sex, transgender issues, gender-based discrimination, and gender stereotyping.

You can access a full transcript of this video here.

This talk was part of an independent TED event.

Campus Resources

Education Access for Queer Students

This flow chart gives campus faculty/teaching staff and administrators a visual overview of some of the ways in which they can create more inclusive, accessible and equitable campus environment for queer students.

Community and Family
Fostering Resources for Trans* Parents

Foster Care & Licensing: Information for Transgender Parents
Most state statutes and agency policies are silent on issues of trans* fostering. There are very few organizations that have information specifically for Trans* parents, so we have compiled pertinent information in a downloadable and printable PDF. Topics covered include: basic licensing requirements, fostering laws & policies, finding a welcoming agency, disclosing a transgender identity, advocating for yourself and your family, and discrimination & bias.

Foster Care Laws & Regulations
The Family Equality Counsel has organized a wonderful map that details the laws and regulations of each US state in regards to fostering and how these regulations apply to LGBTQ families.

Promising Practices Guide
The Human Rights Campaign with All Children - All Families has developed a guide for adoption and foster care agency workers in achieving competency in working with LGBT families. This is great resource for your caseworker or agency.

Queer Organizing
Resources for Facilitating Trans Support Groups

Peer and Youth Support Group Considerations
This resource covers basic considerations for running eight different categories of support groups related to trans individuals and SOFFAs. This document discusses running meetings, mediating issues and conflicts, keeping momentum, training facilitators and establishing policies.

Large print coming soon!

Resources for Inclusivity

Organization Inclusivity Self Assessment
Is your organization as diverse as you think it is? Is your meeting space ADA-compliant? Do you offer intersectional programming and programming specific to lesser-known sexual and gender identities? This survey is a good starting point for queer organizations to begin to recognize issues with inclusivity, accessibility, and cultural awareness so that they may learn to better provide for their members.

You may also download this document in large print.

Sexual Pleasure and Health
Do (it) Yourself Guides

Make your own strap-on tutorial - basic pattern

This is a very basic strap-on pattern designed for the novice sewer. All you need is a pair of briefs, a cock ring and rudimentary sewing skills. Shorter and light-weight tools work best, but you can fit any size dildo or packer with this pattern - just ensure that the cock ring fits the phallus you intend to use. No sewing skills? Not a problem. Use hot glue instead.

Check back frequently, as we will be posting more patterns soon!

Sex Toy Compatibility Chart

Toy Care and Compatibility Chart (Large Print)

Did you know that your toys can carry harmful bacteria? To keep you and your partner(s) free of STIs always clean your toys carefully, use a compatible lube, and use a barrier. Check out this handy chart for tips on lube compatibility and cleaning!

Toy Retailers We Love
  • GoodVibes: We love them! They've donated the majority of the toys we demo in our workshops. Based out of the Bay Area.
  • Babeland: A queer owned chain with locations in Seattle, WA and New York, NY.
  • Bad Dragon: An online furry store that handmakes custom toys, with options for ejaculating toys. Check out their lube!
  • Zeta-Paws: A furry-minded online store, with imaginative toys.